What’s new in Workz cloud eSIM 2.0 and ready for your eSIM platform

Cloud eSIM cloud solution and Multi-tenant eSIM Hub by Workz the first open eSIM management solution

Workz continues to give you a competitive advantage in eSIM management with further developments to our cloud eSIM platform and Multi-tenant eSIM Hub aka MeSH. The plug-and-play overlay system enhances your current eSIM platform functionality and enables multiple sales channels to be easily managed from one place.

Here’s a look at our newest features available in Workz cloud eSIM with MeSH version 2.0.

Workz Profile Wizard

Amidst the growing number of sales channels, eSIM devices, and profile types that telcos are required to manage, Workz enables you to streamline eSIM profile ordering with Workz Profile Wizard an easy online tool to save you time and resources.

Workz Profile Wizard offers a single point of control for your profile ordering doing away with cumbersome processes and multiple communication channels such as email chains and additional file management platforms with a complete online solution. Workz Profile Wizard enables you to manage, all in one place:

Check out our video on Workz Profile Wizard

This update comes as part of our migration to fully online processes and automated features to streamline eSIM management administration time for telcos. If you’d like to arrange a demo to learn more about this feature and how to get the most out of your eSIM platform, get in touch by clicking the contact button below.

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