How can MNOs capture the cellular IoT market with QoS monitoring?

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The IoT market is growing at an unstoppable rate. By 2023, the number of devices connected across cellular IoT networks is expected to reach 3.5 billion, and many of these devices, such as those used by governmental public safety authorities, utility providers, and healthcare professionals will serve mission-critical roles and require high service availability.  

Cellular IoT connections

QoS monitoring - Cellular IoT connections market | Workz Group

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This is a great opportunity for mobile network operators (MNOs) to differentiate their product offerings by utilising network QoS monitoring within the IoT enterprise sector. In addition to meeting the needs of a rapidly expanding market segment, there are several other important benefits MNOs can reap by providing tangible Quality of Service insight to the client, but not all QoS monitoring solutions are equally suitable.  

Unlocking the benefits of QoS monitoring for IoT

Mission-critical cellular IoT users require high network availability and resilience, and they will choose operators that can reliably deliver them even in extreme conditions, such as during periods of exceptionally high traffic or major disasters.  

For MNOs that already offer or are planning to offer QoS insight for the IoT sector, this means strengthening a strong revenue stream and customer base that values reliability and long-term partnerships more than marginal savings. MNOs can sell QoS tracking systems to their enterprise clients as a premium or value-add whereby it is used to reinforce their relationship and justify their premium enterprise package. 

Since QoS monitoring helps MNOs gain greater insight on network experience, it can also directly help them reduce subscriber churn and increase customer loyalty by alerting them on technical issues before they become major problems that negatively affect the user experience.  

As such, network QoS monitoring is an invaluable investment for all service providers, delivering tangibility and insight on connectivity. This makes it a smart choice for all MNOs that want to remain competitive in a world where increasingly more cellular IoT users rely on high network availability to perform life, mission, or business-critical operations. 

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Reliable QoS monitoring for cellular IoT

All network QoS monitoring solutions share the same core goals, including:  

  • Ensure that life, mission, or business-critical tasks do not have to wait  
  • Guarantee the fast delivery of data even during periods of peak or heavy usage  
  • Enable administrators to manage resources efficiently  
  • Reduce costs associated with improper resource utilisation  
  • Decrease response times to improve user experience  

Why the SIM offers optimal reliability

While there are multiple possible approaches to QoS monitoring, utilising the SIM card via a SIM applet offers the most reliable way to achieve these goals across the entire customer base since every cellular device has one.  

OTA solution - QoS monitoring | Workz Group

This is the approach Workz Z-QoS takes to empower MNOs to fulfil their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with enterprise clients, quietly collecting data in the background from all connected devices. By providing a platform for 360-degree real-time monitoring of all network aspects, such as coverage, latency, throughput, and bandwidth, Workz Z-QoS gives cellular IoT providers confidence in their quality of experience with their connectivity provider, enabling them to enhance their own customer experiences and revenues.  

When IoT providers know that they can reliably deliver data even in the most extreme conditions, such as during periods of peak traffic volume or extreme weather conditions, they place more value on their relationship with the MNO to the benefit of both parties.  

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