Workz unveils unrestricted IoT device management

A man rides an electric scooter utilising eSIM IoT technology

2 May 2024 Dubai: Workz, a cloud-based eSIM specialist, has launched its new remote device management solution designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. The platform eliminates the restrictions associated with traditional technologies that limit the number of networks and include lengthy and costly deployments.

The new offering based on the GSMA’s upcoming eSIM standard for IoT, SGP.32, promises clients several advantages over traditional M2M technologies such as multi-IMSI and M2M eSIM. It allows greater market reach with the ability to manage previously unmanageable devices, such as those with limited power or no user interface. The solution is also designed to improve update success rates with the capability to communicate with inactive devices, such as those switched off or out of network range. In addition, Workz offers smart automation features intended to remove the need for manual resources required to manage large volumes of devices.

The launch coincides with an anticipated surge in the eSIM IoT market, which Juniper Research expects to grow by almost 700% in connections by 2028. Telcos are actively preparing for this influx, with the GSMA stating that 60% are upskilling their staff and over half are increasing resources. In 2021, Workz established itself at the forefront of eSIM technology by becoming the first to launch a cloud-based eSIM management service. Currently hosting over 100 telcos worldwide, Counterpoint Research recognised the platform last year as an important innovation for the industry.

Edwin Hawer

This is to IoT what the mobile phone was to the landline. It enables businesses to have complete freedom to manage their devices at a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, this will unlock possibilities for providers and businesses of all sizes.
Edwin Haver, CIO of Workz

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