Join Workz for a coffee at MWC Barcelona 2024

Join cloud eSIM leader Workz at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 26-29 February 2024

Join Workz, the leader in cloud eSIM technology, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona from 26-29 February 2024 at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona. Ahead of the event, the Workz team looks forward to the hot topics and opportunities for mobile network operators. 

An estimated 14 billion more connected devices using an embedded SIM module are expected to enter the market by 2027, and telcos will face the challenges of handling a vast range of profile types and managing more significant volumes of inventory. The number of sales channels will also grow to meet this demand for profile types, and telcos will need to effectively oversee those, as well as the surge in IoT growth and the accompanying rise in demand for eSIM modules in IoT applications. 

To help telcos navigate these market changes, Workz provides a secure, scalable cloud eSIM solution, hailed as the most complete on the market by Counterpoint Research. Workz’s Cloud eSIM offers an end-to-end eSIM solution for consumer and IoT devices, enabling operators to establish subscriber bases in emerging markets. Workz’s comprehensive eSIM solutions include essential supporting solutions such as cloud entitlement device management, cloud OTA platforms and campaigns, profile and applets, as well as a range of supporting eSIM activation and device staging services to onboard customers quickly. 

If you’d like to learn more about eSIM IoT, cloud eSIM, and embedded module technology or just fancy a friendly coffee – schedule a time with the Workz team at the show by booking a calendar slot via the link below.

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Join Workz, the leader in cloud eSIM at MWC 2024

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