Workz opens world’s fastest scratch card printer

Scratch card printing machine at Workz Group facility

New Dubai facility capable of producing over 10 billion PINS per year

Workz, the secure printing and services provider has today officially launched its new Dubai scratch card printing facility which can provide clients with high volumes of scratch card products within fast production timeframes due to its seamless, all-in-one, inline process.

The custom-built 16 station flexographic printing press converts blank paper to finished cards in just two and a half minutes.This allows for printed cards such as telecom operators’ recharge cards to be produced and delivered within considerably shorter timeframes than other suppliers who use traditional sheet-fed, multi-step printing processes.

Furthermore the new high security 5,600 sq m facility at International Media Production Zone, Dubai offers clients the secure management of variable data with an advanced hi-tech “triple” QC verification system consisting of 40 plus security cameras, OCR camera verifications, barcode scanning capabilities and in-house custom IT solutions to track each product throughout the entire production process.  The specialized state-of-the-art printing, tracking, packing and remake system allows the secure management of large volumes of data in addition to multiple inline high speed camera verification systems that check artwork, scratch panel and data integrity.

We are very excited to officially launch our new facility as we believe we offer clients three significant advantages from their existing options;  first is the large volumes we can produce with our annual capacity over a billion printed PINs, second is security and sequencing of products which are tracked through our ‘Big Brother’ IT system and thirdly is our location in Dubai which acts as a regional hub to clients in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia giving them a supplier closer to market.

From our perspective, becoming a manufacturer is the important final step in managing the full supply chain for our clients as we transition from being a fulfilment house and service provider.  Nevertheless, our plans don’t end here as we see this opening as just the first phase in a comprehensive strategy to build regional manufacturing facilities in the Middle East.
Brad Taylor, Workz Director

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