How Cloud eSIM can support your goals in 2024

As telco eSIM channels and devices grow in volume and complexity, so does the challenge to manage them

Last year, the number of eSIM subscribers grew steadily. Workz was at the forefront of this market evolution, with its Cloud eSIM offering hailed as both “the most complete solution” and “an important innovation” by Counterpoint Research. Workz has over 100 telcos on its three cloud eSIM hubs in Dubai, Europe and the US. Over the last year, Workz has added many valuable features to the Multi-tenant eSIM Hub system (MeSH), launched the next generation OTA cloud platform, developed LPAd and proprietary IoT eSIM system, as well as offering the latest for embedded SIM modules. Here are some of the ways Workz can support you in 2024:

eSIM channel management

eSIM channel management with Workz cloud eSIM lets telcos easily grow their sales channels

Boost sales from channel growth

Manage your sales channels quickly (and free of charge), creating tenants for each to make inventory, data and sales channel management easier. You can even let them manage their own tenant subsystem to ease your own admin and create better and more efficient customer handling. White label your platform so your channels (e.g. MVNX, enterprise, OEM) can brand it for their users and enable self-care features so they can manage themselves, saving you time and resources whilst you have complete control and visibility across all channel activities.

eSIM inventory management

eSIM online ordering and inventory management with Workz cloud eSIM simplifies eSIM management for telcos

Enhance reliability amidst market fragmentation

Effortlessly manage the growing range of eSIM profile types for new devices, channels, and customers with increased reliability through automated profile creation and provisioning. Avoid business-critical service failures resulting from stock-outs, even when managing short product lifecycles for private network and travel users, with instant online eSIM ordering and proactive low-inventory email alerts.

eSIM intelligent profile delivery

Workz cloud eSIM's intelligent profile delivery feature automatically selects and provisions the device with best-suited SIM profile

Save time with leading-edge tech

Save significant administration time and free up your resources for bigger priorities by automating profile creation, channel distribution, and device delivery. Furthermore, customise to your requirements with value-added profiles and applets such as the unique Workz Profile Swapping, enabling complete profile type swapping which in many use cases is a much more optimal solution than multi-IMSI or other alternatives.

The next generation SIM: embedded modules

Ultra small, lightweight embedded module on finger represents a new generation of SIM form factors

SIMs for IoT demand

Cater to the growing IoT sector and emerging OEM/ODM and enterprise demand with the latest range of embedded SIM modules and features that are tried and tested for all use cases. As one of the few fully certified GSMA-SAS perso centres for embedded modules, Workz supplies SIMs to some of the world’s biggest names in IoT and has immediate availability to support you with testing and deployment.

Let's talk

If you would like to learn more about cloud eSIM and embedded modules then please get in touch using the contact button below or visit us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona (Feb 26-29) by choosing a convenient time here.

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