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Truck, ship, and plane icon on blue background | Workz

Logistics bulletin Feb 2023

Air freight Despite falling demand and a drop in cargo volume and air cargo rates compared to 2022, freight forwarders and airline companies maintain that

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The Burj Al Arab in Dubai during the day

Join us in Dubai

We’d like to invite senior management from MNOs, MVNOs, connectivity providers, and OEMs to visit us in Dubai at our SIM and eSIM production and

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white truck, ship, and plane icon on green background | Workz Group

Logistics bulletin Feb 2022

Air freight According to freight forwarders and airline companies capacity constraints and high air cargo rates are expected to continue in 2022. In addition, the

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5G networks used in life critical operations | Workz Group

Are you 5G ready?

Where in the world is 5G? There are currently 378 commercial 5G networks in the world with South Korea leading the way.  When will 5G

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